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Online Auction
We provide online auction services that include picking up, organizing, photographing, and cataloging your items for online bidding.  This aspect of our business is growing at an ever-increasing rate.  Sellers recognize this as a great way to gain maximum exposure for their treasures and buyers understand this way to be the easiest to maneuver and the wisest use of their time.  Once your auction is posted, items are available for bidding 24/7 until the day the auction closes.  This is by far the most popular auction venue we offer and online bidding platforms are changing the auction industry.


While we do not utilize this format as frequently as we once did, this option is still available.  If you are looking to maximize profits and/or minimize your time commitment, the Live Auction is probably not going to work for you.  If you are looking for a social event that will bring folks together or if you want to honor someone’s estate, this may be a great option.  We still enjoy the opportunity to coordinate a live auction, but it is not the best option for many of our buyers and sellers.


Real Estate

Enlisted Auctions has licensed Realtors on staff ready to work. We enjoy using our unique and extremely effective approach to selling real estate to buyers both near and far. All the details of our process can be found on the "Real Estate Services" page.


Senior Transition Package

This package has been one of the most popular options for the seniors we work with. It is a hands-off approach for our seniors as they graduate to a small home or to retirement community setting. Learn all about it by jumping over to our "Senior Transition Package" page.



Do you have a piece of furniture or a collection in your basement that makes you wonder, "What's it worth?" You are certainly not alone. We would love to help you learn what it's worth. Give us a call today to talk to a certified appraiser about your items. 


Total Clean-Out

We know your home is probably spotless, exactly like ours. I kid, of course. Some of our clients feel completely overwhelmed by all the stuff left in a property they have inherited or recently became responsible to maintain. The total clean-out service might be the right fit for you. Learn more about it on the "Total Clean-Out" page. 


Benefit Auction Services
Our team enjoys working with many non-profit organizations to help them reach fund raising goals. This is not an event where we ask the members of the group to bring their left-over yard sale items. These are events where we work with dedicated members of the organization to bring new and exciting ideas to the table. We have a nationally certified Benefit Auction Specialist that will consult with your group to show the latest trends and newest ideas that help your group see major profits.

What Our Clients Say

This is a quality asset to the business community. They are so helpful in the entire process of the auctions an in the pick up after it ends.glad to have them in our area. - J. Kovacs

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