Online Auctions

Online Auctions

Thanks for your interest in an online only auction. Our online auctions are held completely over the internet from bidding to final transaction.

Advantages to an online auction:

  1. With a live auction the typically participation is between 150 and 300 people, about 50% of those will actually be winning buyers. With an online auction the participation is almost always over 30,000. Some online auctions have 90,000+. Obviously, not nearly all of those will win an item, but the competition is MUCH stronger. The staggering number of participating buyers could never be reproduced with a local live auction offering the same products.
  2. Bidders can bid 24/7 on your items. At a live auction they only have a short window to place a bid on the item(s) they want. We can process an absentee bid for them at a live auction, but they are not emotionally involved in the bidding process. An online auction allows them to actively bid at 1 A.M. if they wish.
  3. The items can be sold on-site with no parking concerns. The only people that will be stopping at the home are the winning bidders. These buyers will come at different times and you will avoid a large crowd on your property at any given time. Smaller footprint, bigger results. 
  4. Weather will have no impact on your event. If there is a torrential downpour during your live auction, many buyers will stay home. An online auction will continue unaffected by weather.
  5. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In, can take your buyers directly to the auction and allow them to bid at their desk during working hours. The vast majority of our population simply does not have time to go to an auction and stand around all day. This allows them to have fun and participate with very little time invested. We are able to bring the product to the market (buyers) instead of trying to entice the market to the product.
  6. Risk management and liability are always a concern. A live auction causes traffic congestion (both motor vehicle and foot). An internet auction reduces those risks significantly by reducing the number of people at the residence by up to 80%. In addition, for a seller or executor, the risk of not having a substantial buyer base (inclement weather, other major distractions) at the live auction can dramatically affect the sales prices. With an internet auction, we can place your item(s) in front of thousands of buyers with the click of button.
  7. All of the online auctions have an auto-extend feature. On eBay a person can swoop in at the last second and “snipe” a bid. If an item on the Enlisted Auctions site receives a bid in the last minutes it will automatically extend the bidding time for that item. This allows the other bidders to counter bid, thus driving up the price until all hearts are satisfied. Is that victory you are smelling?

What Our Clients Say

I appreciated the respectfulness the staff used when handling my mother’s estate.

— T. Johnson

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