Learn about online auctions

99% of our auctions are entirely online. This allows us to showcase your items to the thousands of potential buyers that visit our website every day. 

Advantages to an online auction:

  • Thousands of prospective buyers will view your items. By putting your items in our online auctions you will have thousands of bids placed for items. This brings you the best results and the highest sold prices. 
  • Bidders can bid 24/7 on your items. Our auctions are typically online 7-10 days allowing bids to be placed during that entire time frame. Real estate auctions are typically online 3-4 weeks depending on the real estate. 
  • Your items will be marketed skillfully and effectively on social media and/or Google and other markets. Our marketing consistently provides our sellers with top dollar amounts for their items.
  • All of the online auctions have a "soft close" or auto-extend feature. On other sites a bidder might be able to place a bid with 1 second left and "steal" the item from you. With us, if a bid is placed within the closing 2 minutes of an item that item will extend for a minimum of 1 minute allowing any other bidders to increase their bid. This makes it fair for everyone involved and allows items to truly sell to the highest bidder! 

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What Our Clients Say

Enlisted is an outstanding auction house. Great people, and well organized auctions. They source a tremendous amount of good quality items, and their terms are fair.

- John Ross 

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