How do I sell my firearms?


Today’s firearms laws seem to constantly be changing and a question we often receive is, “How do I sell my firearms?”. We go over some options for you to choose from below! 

Option 1: You can list your firearm on an online marketplace such as Gun Broker.

The upside to listing your firearm on a site such as this is that you can set the price for your firearm(s) and hopefully someone will come along and agree to purchase the firearm from you.

A downside to this method is that it requires more work from you. You will need to take detailed photos of the firearm, handle shipping and packing the firearm, as well as communicate with prospective buyers and be knowledgeable of Federal & State firearms laws.



Option 2: You can take your firearm to a local gun shop.

Typically gun shops will buy your firearm from you at a lower price and then try to resell the firearm at a profit.

Pros to this method are that you can take the firearm to the store, drop it off, receive your payment and you are done.

Downside is that you do not typically receive market value for your firearm. Think of it as trading in a vehicle. When you trade in your car at a dealership, the dealer never pays you what the car is worth on the open market.



Option 3: You can sell your firearms by auction - preferably with a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) auction company. 

  • Sell your firearms with Enlisted and allow us to put our firearms experts to work for you and your collection! Click here to contact us and to get started, or you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • Enlisted Auctions is a licensed Federal Firearms dealer which allows us to do background checks and paperwork at our facility. In the state of Virginia in order to sell a firearm a background check MUST be run on the buyer. It is illegal to sell a firearm without having a background check completed. 


Option 4: You can do a private sale.

If you sell your firearm to a friend, you are still required by law to take your firearm to your local FFL dealer to perform the background check and all required paperwork before transferring the firearm.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us! 

What Our Clients Say

In one word, AMAZING !! Great business model! Love the process, from the pictures and descriptions online ,the preview period( I usually look at upcoming items during my trip to pickup current purchases)thru the bidding stage, I'm completely satisfied with the process. ( Love the "print " tab to help me stay organized.)I've not had even one bad experience in over 40+ auctions. I feel i'm in the presence of one big happy, friendly ,helpful family every time I go here ,and in this day and age I find that "incredible" and is the highest compliment I can give any business! Potential SELLERS should understand Enlisted Auctions has a huge online presence and can expect this to drive bids on their items to very fair market values (and sometimes even higher ) as numerous bidders compete for the purchase ! Choose ENLISTED AUCTIONS for the highest return you can get on your items !! ( I've tried other local auction companies and find them unsatisfactory in comparison, there really is no comparison.

- A. Baird

 November, 2021

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