Frequently Asked Questions:



From Sellers:

How much do you charge?

Enlisted Auctions does not have “cookie cutter” formula that is applied to each auction. Instead, we choose to look at each situation and create a package based around your needs and goals. Enlisted Auctions offers many different services, including moving, trash removal, cleaning, etc. In many cases, we can create a comprehensive package that includes all the services required in simple agreement. The consultation is free and has no obligation.

Can I put a minimum bid on my items?

Every item on the website has a starting bid of $5. Enlisted Auctions rarely offers the option for a reserve price. Over 99% of the items that are listed on the website sell with no reserve or minimum bid. We may consider an undisclosed reserve on high-dollar assets (vehicles, real estate, etc.).

How do I consign items to sell?

The process is simple. The first step is a phone call 540-337-3446. We will ask you to briefly describe your situation and items that you would like to sell. We may or may not recommend a free consultation. Enlisted Auctions can come pickup your items or you can bring them to us.

Is there anything you don’t sell?

Enlisted Auctions avoids selling spouses and children. Just kidding, of course. There are items that hold very little or no value. We take each item on a case by case basis. We welcome a call or email to discuss your items in question. We do provide a removal service that can handle the donation or disposal of items.

Can I visit your facility?

Of course! We welcome you to come see our galleries and meet our staff. The main office location is 2177 Tinkling Spring Rd., Stuarts Draft, VA 24477. This office is typically staffed from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday - Friday. We recommend calling or emailing before coming to ensure staff are on the premises.


From Buyers:

How do I bid?

There is a webpage dedicated to the bidding and buying on the Enlisted Auctions website. Click here to find this page

What is the Buyer’s Premium?

The buyer’s premium is a 10% added to the final bid of each item. This fee is added to help us keep the commission rates at a level that encourages the seller to consign better quality and more items for your bidding pleasure. Please keep this fee in mind when placing your bids.

How do I know when and where to get my items?

The first item in each auction, Lot #0, will include all the information needed for the pickup location times. Each auction has a unique location. The auction location and pickup times will also be noted on your emailed invoice.

Why do you have limited pickup hours?

The logistics and cost of paying staff members to wait for an entire day or week for buyers would drive the cost of business much higher. We will do our best accommodate your needs if there is a reason you cannot pickup your items during the designated times. There may be an additional fee associate with a special pickup request.

Why do you extend the bidding on some items?

The listed ending time for each specific item is the scheduled time for that item to end. This time will be extended if a bid is placed in the final 2 minutes of that item. The bidding extension is an automated feature on the website. The purpose of the extended bidding is to allow you to submit a competing bid if another buyer outbids you as the time is nearly expired. The bidding time extension may differ from auction to auction, depending on the asset.

The time on my item was extended but the price did not increase

A group closing is used when similar items or items of a set are sold in separate lots. The group is identified by an annotation in the top right of the item listing. Item in the same group will all extend if any of the items in that group receive a bid as the time closes. This allows a buyer the opportunity to purchase the entire set or group, or purchase only one item in the group.

Some photos look like a duplicate photo

Items that are nearly identical may use the same photo. Enlisted Auctions recommends attending the preview for any auction to see each item and make your own determination of condition and value.

Do you measure every piece of furniture?

Enlisted Auctions tries to make each buying experience as easy as possible. We will take a photo of the measurements on most of the furniture we sell. Please call or email if you have any questions about the dimensions of a specific piece.

Can I bid as a tax-exempt buyer?

Yes! We will need to have a valid and signed ST-10 Virginia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption on file. You can email or snail mail a signed copy to the office.

Do you test items (electronics, tools, ect)?

Enlisted Auctions does not test or guarantee the functionality of any item. All items are sold “as-is”. However, we welcome you to attend the preview and test the items. The items will be available for inspection and testing during the noted “Preview” time in Lot #0 of each auction.

Do you ship items?

Yes! We can ship items anywhere in the world. Please call or email for a quote on the item(s) you may be interested in having shipped

How do I pay for my items?

The payment for your items will be through a credit / debit card. The credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. The payment can be made through automatic debit of the saved credit card or by paying when you pick-up your items. Enlisted Auctions will also accept cash or qualified checks.

Why was my credit card charge automatically?

When you initially add your credit card to your bidding profile an authorization "charge" will show up on your account. This amount can vary from $1.00 to $100. This amount IS NOT CHARGED to your credit card. It simply verifies that the card information is correct and that your card is good for that amount. This authorization verification typically falls off, or disappears within 24 hours. 

How do I update my Credit Card information?

The updated credit card information can be made by logging into your account and selecting the "Edit Account" option under the menu in the top right (3 lines). Select "Update Payment Information" to enter your new card info.

Can I schedule a different time to pick up my items?

Yes, we can make special arrangements for you to pick up your items. There will be additional charges that apply for this convenience (note our convenience fee policy). Please call or email for a confirmation and / or quote for your specific needs.

What is the alternate pickup fee? 

The alternate pickup fee is added when items are not picked up on the scheduled pickup date (typically the day after the auction ends). The fee is typically $5, if you have larger items or the items are offsite it may be up to $20.

How many DQ Blizzards does it take to have the alternate pickup fee waived?

If you talk to Kervin or Sheldon, they will do it for a mini Blizzard. Victor isn’t quite as easily convinced, but he caves pretty quickly. Elizabeth can be convinced with a large iced coffee (or two).