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Photo of Kervin Yoder

Kervin Yoder

Kervin and Karla, along with 3 mischievous little boys, are the owners of Enlisted Auctions. Kervin started with the company over 10 years ago when it was owned by the founder, Ben Yoder. Through the years he grew into the Chief Operating Officer and then purchased the company in late 2019.

Kervin's role in the company includes managing daily staff activities, doing consultations for new clients, and business development. His sons can frequently be found helping out in one of the galleries.

His distinctive touch with our customers and clients helps provide that personal connection that makes Enlisted Auctions a success. His extensive experience allows him to find unique solutions for difficult situations.

Kervin won the Virginia Auctioneers Association, Outstanding Auctioneer of the Year Award, in 2019.

He placed 2nd in the 2017 - 2018 Virginia State Champion Auctioneer Contest.

He also won the Rookie of The Year Award in 2015. 

Photo of Victor Miller

Victor Miller

Victor is an avid outdoorsman that came to Virginia by way of Wisconsin. He enjoys hunting and anything associated with it. The array of trophy mounts in his home tells a lengthy tale. We think he got them at the swap shop, but he tells a different story.

He, his wife Anna, and their four children live in Stuarts Draft. The team always enjoys the occasional visits from the little ones.

Victor's main responsibility is managing the galleries at Cold Springs. This includes set-up, photography, cataloging, previews, and pickups. As you can tell, he gets his hands dirty with almost every phase of the process. We enjoy the humor and strong work ethic he brings to the team.

Photo of Elizabeth Showalter

Elizabeth Showalter

Elizabeth's smile tells you just about everything you need to know. She always has a smile and we have yet to hear a complaint from her. Her ambition and fun-loving nature are a motivation to the team members lucky enough to work with her.

Elizabeth's job includes being the gallery manager at our Tinkling Spring location. She lead the packing and set up crews. She also routinely gets called upon to assist with taking photos in our gallery auctions. 

We all appreciate her never-ending efforts to become better and more efficient at her job.

Photo of Donovan Miller

Donovan Miller

Donovan is on the Transportation team for Enlisted Auctions. This guy can move just about anything you need moved and is a man amoungst boys when it comes to efficiently packing a trailer. 

Every organization needs a right-hand man and Donovan is that man.  He is the one of the youngest member of our team, but performs in an exemplary manner in all he does.  Donovan handles nearly all the transportation needs, photographs items, assists in organizing, and pretty much does what anyone doesn’t want to do. 

His willingness to do whatever is asked of him, work long hard hours, and keep coming back for more each day, have made him an invaluable member of all we do at Enlisted Auctions.

Photo of Angie Kauffman

Angie Kauffman

Angie came to us from a variety of different business experiences. Her expertise and cheerful attitude make the days seem shorter and much smoother. 

Angie handles a lot of the accounting that occurs on the back-end of the auctions. She also works very diligently in helping with the coordination of consults, customer inquiries and general office contacts. We enjoy gleaning some great ideas that she brings from her past experiences and the brilliant foresight that she has.

She and her husband, Earl, live in Stuarts Draft with their two sons. Her spare time is usually occupied with her favorite past-time, making memories with her family.

Photo of Sadie Yoder

Sadie Yoder

Sadie has a wealth of experience and expertise in the auction business.  She is often found at the cash register greeting customers with a warm smile when they arrive to pick up their items. She takes the time to know customers on a first name basis and is always ready to help! Sadie is always quick to lend a hand in whatever capacity is needed to get the job done.  Her work ethic is a real gem in today’s marketplace.

She is responsible for training and coordination with the other set-up team members. The level of shenanigans tends to be a little higher when she's around. Although she hasn't gotten in trouble yet, we do have to keep a close eye on her.

Photo of Sheldon Yoder

Sheldon Yoder

Sheldon comes to us with a wide variety of experience. He grew up around the auction business and remembers standing on the display tables to hold up the items that were currently being sold for the crowd to see.

Sheldon handles our customer care and marketing for the auctions. He can also be found in the galleries cataloging the items for upcoming auctions, helping to load or unload trailers, and doing the jobs that Kervin does not want to do. 

Sheldon completed his Associate's Degree as a Registered Nurse from Blue Ridge Community College in May of 2020. He enjoys interacting with our customer's and finding solutions that fit each customers needs. 

He currently resides in Harrisonburg, VA with his beautiful wife and their 2 children. 

Photo of Suzanna Burkholder

Suzanna Burkholder

  • Photographer & Pickup

Suzanna's main job is photographing all the items that you on the website. She is very detail oriented and does a great job with capturing each piece to accurately portray them to our customers. You will also see Suzanna during pick up time at our Cold Springs location running the checkout booth for either the Cold Springs or Hidden Treasure Gallery. She is a joy to speak with and is glad to assit our customers in finding the items they purchased and ensuring a good experience! 

Photo of Brian Yoder coming soon!

Brian Yoder

  • Transportation Manager

Brian is the Transportation Manager for the Enlisted team. He is on the front lines when Enlisted arrives to load up your auction items or handle your move. He has an eye for the details and takes the time to ensure each customer is served to the best of our abilites. 

Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children. He also enjoys wood working projects and doing small home repairs/remodels.

Photo of Lea Kosheru

Lea Kosheru

  • Packing, Set Up, Photography

Lea is on our packing and set up crew. She works along side Elizabeth in packing up estates for auction and/or moves. She also assists in setting up the items in our gallery and taking the great photos you see on our website. Thank you Lea for all that you do! 

What Our Clients Say

I am extremely pleased with Enlisted Auctions. They handled the liquidation of my Dad's estate in a very organized and professional manner. Within hours his entire household was packed, loaded and taken to one of their Galleries. The pictures taken for the online listing were of excellent quality and accurately represented the items being sold. I was very pleased with the total amount received from the sale of these items. The check was in hand within several days of the auction closing. Enlisted also sold my Dad's real estate. Extremely pleased with everyone I encountered during this process! - T. Layne

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