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Selling Your Real Estate at Auction

Enlisted Auctions has the ability to give our clients a unique advantage in the selling their property. We approach real estate using some new and cutting edge methods in addition to the time-tested checklist you are used to seeing. Allow me to explain...

1. Preparation. A property is only as good as the perception the potential buyers have. In most cases we do not recommend spending large amounts of money to renovate or remodel. However, there are some things that can be done to help the first impression.

A clean home tends to give the buyers a sense of comfort that the home was cared for. They understand that a seller who took the time to clean the cabinets and floors probably took the time for routine maintenance.

The photography of a home and property can make all the difference in the world. Enlisted Auctions has sold many properties to buyers who have never actually been to the property before signing the purchase agreement. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Those words can tell the buyer many things, both good and bad. While Enlisted Auctions is very careful to disclose all the issues known, there is skill to taking photos that accentuate the features of a property that the average person may miss. Drone photography and video can help bring the property to life for a buyer who is otherwise unable to visit the property in person.

2. Marketing. All of the preparation in the world is useless if nobody knows about it. Marketing is the collective effort of telling the world about your property. There are many ways we help you do this.

The world wide web has become our biggest friend in this regard. Your property will be posted on many different websites that buyers use for property searches. The Enlisted Auctions website is one of those sites. Hundred's of thousands of visitors frequent this site each month to see the items that are for sale. The exposure and reach of this website alone can be invaluable. 

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a network that all Realtors use to advertise their property. This is only one "tool" in the marketing plan but it is a huge one. The MLS allows buyers and other Realtors alike to search and find your property on one of the most used websites for real estate transactions. Enlisted Auctions will ensure that your property gets proper exposure to the MLS. 

Facebook and social media sites can drive you to the brink of insanity, but they can also find the perfect buyer for your home. Social media sites have the ability to find the right buyer for you by filtering the candidates by geographic location, age, gender, income, interests, previous purchases, ect. 

Print advertising is not as effective as it once was but that doesn't mean that it needs to be discounted. In some cases, the use of a newspaper ad or a postcard may be the perfect way to reach your target audience.

Enlisted Auctions would love to work with you in creating a marketing plan that fits your property and your budget

3. Listing. Using the power of these annoying computers, we are able to create a hybrid approach to selling your property. The traditional listing uses one number, a "pie in the sky" typically, and hopes to work down from there to find an acceptable offer. Auctions start low and hope to reach that "pie in the sky" number. The hybrid approach is to list the property at a number you are comfortable with. This number is our List Price. The list price is used as a "Buy Now" option on the MLS and on the auction site. The bidding will happen online and the buyers have the option of playing the auction game and trying to slide in under the list price, or they can skip the auction process and place an offer using the List Price as a guide. This feature encourages online buyers to bid early and bid often while setting the price expectancy at a reasonable level for everyone. The Buy Now option will disappear when the property reaches X% (usually 80%) of the list price. In some cases the final bid price will exceed the Buy Now price because of competitive bidders at the end of an auction.

4. Closing. In most cases the closing will happen within 30 days of the end of the auction. The entire process from the very first phone call to having the money in your pocket is typically about 60 days.

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What Our Clients Say

I have really enjoyed working with this company. I have purchased multiple things and have always been happy with the products. I would definitely recommend them. - S. Rankin

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