How to Register

We understand computers can be confusing and frustrating. Trust me, we want to throw ours out the door almost daily. Below is a few steps that will hopefully help you to navigate the bidding process.

As always, please don't be shy. Ask any questions you may have. (, or call 540-337-3446)

Step 1. Make sure you are using a qualified browser. The browser is the door that connects your computer or device to the world wide web.

  • We have found that using Internet Explorer (see the icon below) is NOT the optimal browser. This browser is prone to viruses and will not allow you to access certain parts of the bidding experience.



  • Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (see the icons below) are excellent choices for a browser. Our system has been optimized to function on all three of these.

 or  or  = 

Download Google Chrome by clicking here

Step 2. Find the auction action

The mobile experience may differ slightly from the desktop or PC experience. In either case, click on the "View Catalog and Bid" link to enter the auction



Step 3. Sign-In or Register to bid

If you already have account, simply click the large Sign-In button shown below

Enter your email address, your password, and click the "Sign-In" button

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT click the "Sign Up" link shown below

Step 4. Understanding the item listing

The current bid amount is displayed below the "Bid" button

The next required bid is shown on the "Bid" button. Click this button twice to bid the next required bid amount. The number in this box indicates the next bid amount

The "Max Bid" button allows you to add or change your Max bid. This allows the system to bid on your behalf up to a specified amount

The time remaining is displayed in the bottom left corner of each item

Step 5. Your Item List

You have the opportunity to create your own item list. Any item you have bid on will automatically slide to this list

You can also select an item by clicking on the star next to the "Max Bid" button

Access "Your Items" by clicking on the tab shown below

Step 6. Returning to the item list and exiting the auction

To return to the item list from the single item view or from the "Your Items" list click the small arrow in the top left

To Exit this auction click the "X" in the top right

Step 7. Additional Features and Tools

See more photos for any item by clicking on the photo in the list view. This will open the item and give you the option to scroll through pictures by clicking the arrow.



Group Closings are identified by the group name in the top right corner. Items in a group will not close until all items in that group close. If one is extended, they all will extend.

The white button indicates you are the current high bidder


You can increase the bid amount by clicking the arrow in the item view screen. This jumps the bid to the dollar amount you select instead of bidding on your behalf to that number.



To view the bidding history of an item, go to the item view (click on the picture in the list view), and find the "History" button next to the "Max Bid" button



The notifications will show up in the top right corner. This is also where you can update or change your profile information. 


Payment will be made with a credit or debit card after the invoicing is complete. Cards accepted are those with a logo of the following cards:

Visa, Mastercard, Discover

What Our Clients Say

I stressed about selling my mother estate and home for over a year before I called Enlisted Auctions. I was blown away by how easy everything was. I wish I would have called them much sooner. They were very professional. - D. Caldwell

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