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Wholesale Estate of David Propst

This auction includes the contents of the home, shop, and outbuildings from the estate of David Propst. The buyer can remove any personal property they wish to keep. No trash removal is required, however a credit of $200 (and an additional 7 days) will be given to the buyer if they choose to leave the property in a broom swept condition. There will be a dumpster provided for the buyer choosing to do trash removal. Any items the buyer does not wish to keep can remain in place. The buyer has until the posted deadline to remove their items. They will not have access past the posted deadline.

Removal Deadline: Monday, July 22 @ 8 PM
Trash removal required: No
Trash removal incentive: House lot: $300. Shop lot: $200
3rd party sales (garage/yard sales) permitted: No
Is a dumpster provided: Yes
Will I have 24-hour access: Yes
Is the washer / dryer included: No
Is the refrigerator included: No
Is the kitchen stove included: No
Any other restrictions / special notes:  

Ends: Monday, July 15 at 8 PM
Location: 153 Indian Mound Rd, Verona, Va 24482
Preview: Contact Manager listed below for access
Manager: Kervin Yoder, kervin@enlistedauctions.com, 540-337-3446 (ex. 2)

  •   Jul 8 @ 5:57AM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 15 @ 8:00PM EDT (End)
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  • All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied


  • Keep in mind that these items are used and may have scratches, dents, dings, holes, funky odors, etc. 


  • Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Any mention of an item’s condition is not an official grading of the item’s condition. When you are not certain of the condition or wear of an item, please bid accordingly.  


  • Preview is strongly suggested to gauge the condition of each piece and to gain perspective on the size or number of items in each lot.


  • Onsite auction may have items in the attic, basement, barn, dark alley, scary dungeon rooms and other places that your spouse may be hesitant to enter. Please consider attending the preview to help understand any complications in removing your treasure.


  • We are not as mean as we sound, but please do your best to play by the rules. It is the only way we can serve you and the rest of our customers to the best of our ability. 




  • You must be registered to place a bid on an item. By placing a bid, you agree to all the terms and conditions that apply to that auction.


  • Before you bid, please take a few seconds and look at the information provided in Lot # 0. This will have the location, date / times for the preview and pickup, and other pertinent information.


  • Select items may have a “Buy Now” price. This price is not negotiable under any circumstances. Buyers have the option to bid on the items or purchase using the Buy Now feature. The “Buy Now” feature will no longer be available if the bidding reaches or exceeds 75% of the “Buy Now” price or in the last 24 hours the item is available for bidding. Once the “Buy Now” option disappears, buyers must bid on the item to purchase.


  • All bids are final. We cannot retract or remove a bid


  • We respect your privacy and that of the other bidders. We will not release your information to anyone without your permission


  • You are bidding on the described item, not the photo. Please let us know if you see an error in our listings. We strive to be as accurate as possible.




  • A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to each purchase. If your winning bid is $100.00, at check-out you will be charged $110.00 plus tax.


  • Items with a “Buy Now” price will require immediate payment via credit card. This feature is not available for the buyers who like to shop with their friend Mr. Daniels (Jack) and then conveniently forget about the purchase when Mr. Daniels is no longer around.



  • Payment can be made with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)


  • Payment will be accepted at the pickup location


  • Cash and/or approved checks can be accepted for select purchases




  • Preview is an “open house” to allow our customers to inspect the items before they bid or buy


  • Items are identified by the lot number affixed to the item.


  • Preview is highly recommended so you can make your own determination of quality, size, condition, weight, item location, and all the other variables that are difficult to convey in a photo.




  • All items must be removed during the schedule pickup time(s)


  • Items purchased using the “Buy Now” feature must be claimed with-in 72 hours unless other arrangements have been made. Items not claimed within 72 hours, having no other arrangements, may be re-sold, charged a storage fee, used in unsavory ways, or donated to a worthy cause or the dumpster without notice to the buyer.



  • Any items not removed during the pickup times will become the property of Enlisted Auctions (unless other arrangements have been made)


  • Please bring plenty of help and proper equipment needed to remove your items. Auction staff is not available to assist with loading. Don't bring a Pinto to take home a bedroom suite, please.


  • If you are unable to make the pickup time due to a flat tire, mean boss, IBS episode, traffic jam, car fire, sudden illness, deceased relative, or any other catastrophic event, please contact Enlisted Auctions. 540-337-3446 or info@enlistedauctions.com We can make special arrangements for in most cases. Items MUST be paid in full to qualify for storage.


For a Gallery Auction:


  • Small items will be held for up to 1 week at no charge. After 1 week, the items will be considered abandoned and / or forfeited by the buyer


  • A $5 convenience fee will be added to the invoice of any buyer choosing to not claim their items during the scheduled pickup times


  • Furniture will be charged $10 if picked up before Friday at 4 PM following the auction. An additional $20 will apply if the items are not picked by Friday at 4 PM. After 2 weeks, the items will be considered abandoned and / or forfeited by the buyer


For Onsite Auctions:


  • Please call or email. Charges vary depending on the resources required for us to store your items. 540-337-3446 or info@enlistedauctions.com


  • For onsite wholesale auctions, the fees will blow your socks off. They are absolutely ridiculous. It’s seriously so embarrassing we won’t even discuss it here. You can call us for details, if you want to dive deeper into that.


Happy bidding!