Moving Services 

Enlisted Auctions has helped 100's of clients with their moving needs. Our team has moved single pieces of furniture all the way up to multiple tractor trailer loads of household goods from coast to coast, border to border. The process for a moving quote is super easy. The moving services we offer can be adjusted to fit your needs. We look forward to working with you to find a solution that best fits your needs.


Simply call the office (540-337-3446) and give the team a brief summary of your situation and desired services. They will set up a free consultation with the appropriate representative.


You will receive an emailed quote with the details and costs associated with your project.


The dates for your move will be set based on your needs.


The Enlisted Auctions team will come to your home and pack all the small items into boxes.


The Enlisted Auctions team will load the items into a moving truck. The furniture will be wrapped in blankets. Most of the furniture can be shipped with unbreakable items (clothing, etc) still in the drawers.


The trip time will obviously be largely dependent on the distance. Your items will be fully insured for duration of this project. Ask your rep for specific details.


The furniture items will be setup in the exact spot you wish. The boxes will be placed in the area or rooms you designate. Most of our clients prefer to unpack the boxes on their own. We ensure everything is how you would like and bid you farewell. 

What Our Clients Say

This is a quality asset to the business community. They are so helpful in the entire process of the auctions an in the pick up after it ends.glad to have them in our area. - J. Kovacs

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