Total Clean-Out

If you are like most of our countrymen, you discover that time has a way of gathering stuff in every available storage space. Many of our clients have a home that needs be completely cleaned before it is ready for the next phase of the process (selling, renting, ect...). While the online auction allows us to sell a lot of the items, inevitably there will be things that are not marketable and must be thrown away or donated. The Enlisted Auctions team can help! We have specialized equipment to help with the trash removal. Our staff will be able to completely clean out the home and leave the space broom swept. You cannot imagine how liberating it is to see a room that was piled deep become a clean and usable space once again.

This service is typically charged by the hour or by the project. We would love to give you a quote at no cost. 

What Our Clients Say

I stressed about selling my mother estate and home for over a year before I called Enlisted Auctions. I was blown away by how easy everything was. I wish I would have called them much sooner. They were very professional. - D. Caldwell

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