Terry King

The General Manager, Terry, has the daunting task of keeping the wheels greased and auction machine turning. This involves a huge variety of tasks. For a new client, the first call typically lands on Terry's desk. He helps many clients daily with questions about what we do and how we do it.

Terry is also responsible for the logistics of the business. He creates schedules for each team member and provides a communication hub for everyone, team members & clients. 

Terry has been and continues to be an inspiration to the Enlisted team and to the clients that work with him. His positive attitude is a spring-board for everyone that has the opportunity to interact with him.

Terry currently lives in Stuarts Draft with his wife of 29 years.  They have two adult daughters who live outside of the area.  One of his favorite quotes, “If that’s as bad as it gets, we’ve got it made!”

Kervin Yoder

In addition to being Ben’s cousin, Kervin is the Gallery Manager for Enlisted Auctions.  Since we often run auctions at three different locations and multiple auctions in several galleries at any given time, Kervin is typically a man on the move.  He is responsible for preparing each of our auctions and that includes setting the galleries up, organizing, photographing, and cataloging each auction.  Kervin may also be found on the road as a consultant several days each week.  His personal touch with our customers and clients helps provide that personal connection that makes Enlisted Auctions a success.

Kervin and his wife, Karla, have 3 mischievous little boys. We always enjoy seeing them "working" at the gallery.

Victor Miller

Victor is an avid outdoorsman that came to Virginia by way of Wisconsin. He enjoys hunting and anything associated with it. The array of trophy mounts in his home tells a lengthy tale. We think he got them at the swap shop, but he tells a different story.

He, his wife Anna, and their three young daughters live in Stuarts Draft. The team always enjoys the occasional visits from the little ones.

Victor's responsibilities include set-up, photography, cataloging, previews, and pickups. As you can tell, he gets his hands dirty with almost every phase of the process. We enjoy the humor and strong work ethic he brings to the team.

Jonathan Ramsey

Jon is the zealous On-site Manager for Enlisted Auctions. He is responsible for the coordination, setup, and follow-through with all the auction that are done at a residence or place of business.

Jon is a graduate of the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering and is a licensed Virginia auctioneer and Realtor. His career path has taken him through the manufacturing arena and the preservation / resale of antiques and collectibles. His passion for people and serving their needs have become an irreplaceable part of the Enlisted Auctions team. 

Nadia, his beautiful bride of over 15 years, and their three children are his inspiration. He enjoys classic cars and doing things with his family.

His favorite quote - "That’s why they call me "Big Papa"..."

Donovan Miller

Donovan is the Transportation Manager for the Enlisted team. This guy can move just about anything you need moved. He and his brother, Michael, work together on most projects. The teamwork and dedication to excellence is combination that is hard to find. 

Every organization needs a right-hand man and Donovan is that man.  He is the one of the youngest member of our team, but performs in an exemplary manner in all he does.  Donovan handles nearly all the transportation needs, photographs items, assists in organizing, and pretty much does what anyone doesn’t want to do. 

His willingness to do whatever is asked of him, work long hard hours, and keep coming back for more each day, have made him an invaluable member of all we do at Enlisted Auctions.

Michael Miller

Michael is a younger brother to Donovan, his direct supervisor. This duo burns more calories in a day than the rest of the team combined. This is literally where the rubber meets the road. They work extremely well as a team and get more compliments and tips from our clients than any other team members. 

Michael very personable and dedicated to his work. This young man will, without question or complaint, move anything he is asked to move. It isn't uncommon for this team to return after a project completed drenched in sweat. Yet, they come back for more every day. 

Michael enjoys mechanical work as well. Tinkering with small engines is a talent and hobby of his.

Angie Kauffman

Angie came to use from a variety of different business experiences. Her expertise and cheerful attitude make the days seem shorter and much smoother. 

Angie handles a lot of the accounting that occurs on the back-end of the auctions. She also works very diligently in helping with the marketing of the items that are being sold. We enjoy gleaning some great ideas that brings from her past experiences and the brilliant foresight that she has.

She and her husband, Earl, live in Stuarts Draft with their two sons. Her spare time is usually occupied with her favorite past-time, making memories with her family.

Sadie Yoder

Sadie is Ben’s mother and her auction experience and expertise is invaluable.  She is often found packing, organizing, and cleaning when we go to a client’s home.  Once the auction items are brought to one of our galleries, Sadie will be unpacking and organizing the auction to insure the items are set and ready for photographing.  Sadie also is always quick to lend a hand in whatever capacity is needed to get the job done.  Her work ethic is a real gem in today’s marketplace.

She is responsible for training and coordination with the other set-up team members. The level of shenanigans tends to be a little higher when she's around. Although she hasn't gotten in trouble yet, we do have to keep a close eye on her.

Elizabeth Showalter

Elizabeth's smile tells you just about everything you need to know. She always has a smile and we have yet to hear a complaint from her. Her ambition and fun-loving nature are a motivation to the team members lucky enough to work with her.

Elizabeth's job is primarily setting up auctions in our gallery. She also is a huge help in packing up items to be moved. She routinely gets called upon to assist with taking photos in our gallery auctions. 

We all appreciate her never-ending efforts to become better and more efficient at her job.

Ladella Miller

Ladella is a sister to Donvan and Michael. This family has become an invaluable part of the Enlisted Auctions team. Ladella has a kind and patient heart that makes her ideal for working with the public. Our customers have grown very fond of seeing her smiling face at the previews and the pickups. 

Ladella's role with the team involves packing items for auction, setting up the auctions, and helping with the photography. She pays attention to detail and works very hard at any task to which she assigned. 

She is always ready to play a prank but rarely gets blamed for it. Maybe we should look into that a little more...

Ben Yoder

Ben is the owner of Enlisted Auctions and on any given day he can be found fulfilling any number of capacities in our organization.  He is our primary personal auction consultant meeting with hundreds of clients each year, providing solutions to their problems.  With his vast experience in the auction industry Ben understands every aspect of our organization and readily lends a hand in whatever capacity is needed.  Ben enjoys engaging our clients and customers and is well-connected in the greater Augusta County community which enables him to provide points of connection in a variety of areas.

He will only drive GM products but admires Henry Ford..."A business that makes nothing but money is poor business" - Henry Ford

What Our Clients Say

Enlisted Auctions is a great company to work with. Excellent staff who work really hard for their clients! - C. Thompson

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