Live Auctions

Live Auctions

Thanks for your interest in a “live” auction. A live auction is a traditional auction with an auctioneer calling out the bids to an audience that is in front of him.

Advantages to a Live Auction:

  1. A live auction gives the local buyers a chance to see friends and neighbors. Most buyers enjoy live auctions because they are a social event.
  2. Live auctions typically create a “splash” in the neighborhood. A live auction environment is a fun and fast-paced entertainment hub.
  3. Most experienced buyers feel comfortable buying at a live auction. There are certain customers who may avoid computers and would rather see the items in person while bidding on them.
  4. To summarize: A live auction is a great way to have a "legendary event". Meaning, if your focus is to bring attention to an individual, in the case of an estate, or to an organization, in the case of a benefit auction, a "live" auction is a great way to do that.

Here's what the Live Auction process looks like:


An auction professional will meet with you and/or your family at the home or property. Next, the representative will take a brief mental inventory to understand the type of items to be sold. If a written appraisal is available, we will use that to help streamline pre-auction planning and marketing strategy. Prospective dates, locations, and other options will then be discussed. Finally, a written or verbal quote will be given for the project. Once acceptance is granted, the progress resumes.


The second visit typically begins with a formal handshake in form of an auction agreement. During this visit we will take lots of photos and create a generalized written inventory of the auction items. Then, Enlisted Auctions will secure a key or arrange access to the property for the future on-site work.


A few days prior to the event, Enlisted Auctions will spend a day or more doing sorting and organizing the items to be sold. The items will be displayed under tents or in a fixed facility to help avoid weather contamination. In either case, auction security is available around the clock to help ensure the safe keeping of your items.


Enlisted Auctions staff will arrive early to help answer any questions from prospective buyers. The auction continues until every item has crossed the block and any items not picked up or sold may remain on the property, be donated, or removed by Enlisted Auctions.

What Our Clients Say

I was very happy with the level of service I got from the Enlisted Auctions staff. They took a lot of stress off of me in settling my grandparents estate. I was pleasantly surprised at the large check I got as well. Thanks, Enlisted Auctions! - D. Parish

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